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Valley Trailers manufactures high quality trailers through the use of high grade steel and components, time tested and proven design, and a well trained workforce. We offer a full line of horse and livestock trailers in standard models and custom built trailers.

Our trailers start with structural steel frames that are jig assembled and precision aligned for sturdy, straight towing. The side walls and roof sections are assembled utilizing rigid post and bows as well as all cold rolled sheeting on the sides and roof. This high grade steel resists rust and ensures strength and durability for years to come.

Our floors are 2” pressure treated pine and run the length of the trailer with screw fasteners through the structural crossmembers. The 2” pine floors are sturdy, shock absorbing, and quiet during transportation. They give the animals a secure sense while in transport and absorb road noise and vibration. The floor matting is 3/4” thick and is standard in many models and can be added to any model for a softer, more secure footing.

We finish our trailers in a state of the art Powder Coat facility with high quality TGIC Polyester Powder in a number of automotive colors. The powder is applied electrostatically and then baked onto the trailers at 400 degrees. This process locks the liquefied powder into the pores of the steel, making an extremely durable finish with great shine and luster. No other steel horse or livestock trailer manufacturer can duplicate our process.

If you are considering purchasing a trailer that is structurally sound, attractively styled, and affordable, a Valley Trailer is the best choice you can make. Visit or call one of the authorized Valley Trailer Dealers and discuss the many options that fit your trailer needs and budget. You will be impressed by the quality, value, style, and affordability a Valley Trailer offers.